Life Is Not Enough - A picture story book

Life Is Not Enough - read by the artist

LIFE IS NOT ENOUGH is a limited edition picture story book.

Duggan’s first published book portrays a wandering soul, who continually seeks meaning in his life whilst grappling with love, marriage, and misadventure.

A mini epic presenting a humorously bleak and cartoon-like vision of the human experience, the book suggests an existence governed by an unconscious overlord; a force that neither judges nor designs, but just is. 


Uniquely portrayed through sparse text and a series of beautiful photographs. LIFE IS NOT ENOUGH is produced to the highest printing and binding standards. It is a beautifully designed, hardback and clothbound limited edition book. Each copy numbered and signed by the artist.

"the story he tells via his images, of companionship, mourning and the magnetism of art and beauty, is haunting."  Donald Mahoney 

Joe Duggan, Life is not enough, Irish artist

Summer 2013 issue 75
Photography and Literature

A front cover feature in Source magazine with essay by Donald Mahoney.

Joe Duggan, Life is not enough, Irish artist, art book

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